3 thoughts on “Australian Tour May 1970

  1. My dear old dad, a lifelong city supporter, refereed the South Australia Adelaide game. The teams entered the pitch followed by my Dad and Joe Mercer with their arms around each others shoulders haha.

    • …or rather, he was linesman, apparently he had been assigned the game but when it was found out he was a native of Manchester (and a true blue) he was asked stand down and be a linesman instead, he did enter the pitch with Joe Mercer’s arm around him lol

  2. G’day from “down under”,
    Can you give me Man.City’s line-ups for the following matches please?
    Western Australia v. Man.City played 10th.May 1970
    Northern NSW v. Man.City played 27th.May 1970.

    My eldest daughter lives in Manchester (Chorltonville) and under normal circumstances I would ask her to go to the library to get a newspaper report but with Covid that is a long way off.

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