Manchester United v Manchester City League Cup 3rd Round 1974/75

 Man Utd away League cup 1974 to 75 prog
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League Cup 3rd Round

9th October 1974

attendance 55,225

Scorer Daly(78 pen)

ref Gordon Kew

United Stepney, Forsyth, Albiston, Greenhoff, Holton, Buchan, Morgan, McIlroy, Pearson, McCalliog, Daly – sub Macari(45)

City  MacRae, Hammond, Pardoe, Doyle, Clarke, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Marsh, Hartford, Tueart – sub Barnes(83)

… I couldn’t wait for my moment and that moment came at Old Trafford against United. Arthur Albiston made his debut for United that night as well and I’d played against him at B team, A team and in the reserves.
A crowd of 55,159 witnessed a tight game with United taking the lead with 15 minutes remaining. It was controversial, as it so often is in a derby, as the ball was adjudged to have hit the hand of City’s Jeff Clarke just inside the penalty area. A penalty was given and was netted by Gerry Daly, his sixth successive penalty scored that season alone and it was only 9th October!
Five minutes later Peter was brought on to replace defender Glyn Pardoe as Tony Book looked for an equaliser: “It was a full house and I think there was at least 15,000 City fans packed in behind the goal. Rodney Marsh was captain and Mike Summerbee, Colin Bell, Dennis Tueart and Asa Hartford were all playing… Tony Book decided to bring me on. I started to think ‘making my debut at Old Trafford in a derby, this is something special.’ The atmosphere was incredible as I started to warm up. The noise was deafening and I came on. I remember shouting for the ball and no one hearing me… I soon realised there was no point shouting. I knew I didn’t have long but I remember being on the ball and I could see the City fans behind the goal that I was heading to. I beat a player and that gave me confidence and I kept going then I saw that Mike Summerbee was on. but I think it was Jim Holton who was nearby and he looked like he would have a go and tackle Mike. I held off a second and I put the ball through to Mike and he ran on to it and then smacked it from about twenty yards out. I watched the ball just sail above the crossbar. So close!
Although we didn’t score, and we lost the match, I did feel quite happy that I’d done okay… I felt I’d delivered enough to justify being brought on as substitute. The mood wasn’t great in the dressing room afterwards because of the penalty but a few of the team said nice things to me, so that pleased me a great deal.”

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