Plymouth v Manchester City League Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg 1973/74


plymouth away league cup 1973 to 74 prog


League Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg

23rd January 1974

attendance 30,390

City Booth

City  MacRae, Barrett, Donachie, Doyle, Booth, Towers, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Law, Marsh – sub Leman

Plymouth Furnell, Randall, Sullivan, Hore, Saxton, Hague, Welsh, Davey, Mariner, Machin, Rogers – sub Provan


plymouth away lge cup 1973 to 74 action


…At this time the energy crisis was at it’s peak. Floodlights for soccer were banned… so you can imagine the added burden placed on the office staff when it came to planning for the two legged semi-final with Plymouth. What an emotional tie that proved to be for me personally. I recall the flight to Plymouth when I became so tensed up.
It probably told on me as much as it did on the players and manager!The occasion meant so much to me being so close to Wembley after having come out of the Third Division so recently.
My seat in the director’s box at Home Park was no help either. They put me next to the commentator doing the hospital broadcast. And with Plymouth taking the lead he was giving Argyle a tremendous build up, talking about them going to Wembley for the final.
There were times when I felt I wanted to turn to him to tell him to belt up. But, fortunately, we got the equaliser through Tommy Booth and a 1-1 draw in the first leg was a great result for us.

 plymouth away lge cup 1973 to 74 action2


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