Manchester City v Norwich City 1975/76

  norwich home 1975 to 76 proga

League Division 1
16th August 1975
attendance 29,103
scorers Bell(61), Tueart(72 & 81)
Ref D Turner
City  Corrigan, Hammond, Donachie, Doyle, Watson, Oakes, Hartford, Bell, Marsh, Royle, Tueart – sub Telford(unused)

Norwich Keelan, Machin, Sullivan, Morris, Forbes, Powell, Grapes, MacDougall, Peters, Suggett, McGuire.- sub Steele

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The opening game of the season as far as Manchester City were concerned was very much like the curate’s egg – good in parts. Fortunately, the not-so-good bits all came in the first half which was instantly forgettable.
The game saw future Blues’ manager, Mel Machin, at full back for Norwich City, not that Mel will want to remember it.
The only newcomer in the Blues’ line-up for the first League game was centre half Dave Watson, signed on 18th June from Sunderland, and along with his defensive colleagues, he must have been pleasantly surprised at the lack of penetration from the visitors. Not that City were much better in the first 45 minutes.
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There were lively moments in the first half, particularly when Dennis Tueart showed why he was a better attacker than defender … putting Joe Corrigan’s goal under pressure when he sliced a clearance. And Rodney Marsh got in a header which `keeper Kevin Keelan did well to stop at the foot of a post.
However, whatever was said in the City dressing room during the interval did the trick. After 61 minutes, Marsh shook off his marker, slipped the ball to Colin Bell, and “The King” buried it in the top left-hand corner.
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Just afterwards, Tueart restored the fans’ faith by scoring with a scissors kick, and the same player made the final score 3-0 with just nine minutes left on the clock. He punished Keelan’s inability to hold a ground shot and pounced to complete Norwich’s misery.  ADAPTED FROM ARTICLE IN THE CITY PROGRAMME 19TH AUGUST 1995 
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