Manchester City v Huddersfield 1971/72

 huddersield home 1971-72 programme


League Division 1

19th February 1972

Attendance 36,421

scorer Booth

Ref J Gow

City Corrigan, Book, Donachie, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Summerbee, Hill, Davies, Lee, Towers – sub Mellor(unused)

 Tommy Booth scores the only goal of the game
huddersield home 1971-72 booth goal
Peter Gardner writing for The Manchester Evening News 21st February 1972
It was not one of Manchester City’s more spectacular victories but there was still satisfaction for the Blues in their only goal success against Huddersfield at Maine Road.
A side with the irritating habit of coming unstuck against such opposition laid that bogy with a performance that will be remembered more for work than flair. On this aspect alone City deserved the points that keep them ahead of Leeds in the League Championship struggle.
huddersield home 1971-72 action 2
Huddersfield made up for their lack of skill with a tremendously high work rate, but City matched it and ultimately finished on top.
City’s effort was particurlarly noticeable in midfield where Tony Towers rarely wasted a ball, and the ever industrious Mike Doyle hardly flagged.
The match winner was launched from the back when Tommy Booth moved forward to score the only goal with a scissors kick.
And it was just reward for Booth not only clinched the points but also curbed the menace of the one Huddersfield danger man.
Lone raider Frank Worthington constantly battled to sway the game and only gave up when Booth finally forced him wide and away from danger to City.
huddersield home 1971-72 action 3
Wyn Davies will be blamed for not playing to the whistle at a stage when he could have made victory more complete. Yet he was outstanding for the service he gave earlier, cleverly laying off the ball, despite the close attention of Roy Ellam.
Freddie Hill too, came out with honours in his first league game of the season. His thoughtful and always intelligent use of the ball repeatedly troubled Town, for whom Trevor Cherry had a magnificent match.
  huddersield home 1971-72 action
 huddersfield home 1971 to 72 action 4


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