Manchester City v Chelsea 1969/70

chelsea home 1969-70 programme


League Division 1

6th September 1969

attendance 35,995

Ref Leo Callaghan

City Corrigan, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Bowyer, Bowles – sub Towers(unused)

Chelsea Bonetti, Webb, McCreadie, Hinton, Dempsey, Harris, Osgood, Hollins, Hutchinson, Houseman, Birchenall – sub Hudson

chelsea home 1969 to 70 action3

A boring 0-0 draw at Maine Road was all down to Chelsea’s negative tactics according to Joe Mercer. After the match he stated “It was a bad match for the crowd and I only hope Chelsea start to open their game out and give supporters something to look at.”
Dave Sexton, Chelsea’s manager although agreeing, countered with “We appreciate the fact this was not an attractive match to watch, but that is what we have to do in this day and age. We came to play defensively. Against a side that prides itself as the best attacking force in the business it is my opinion we won the day.”

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