Manchester City v West Ham 1962/63

west ham home 1962 to 63 prog


League Division 2

8th September 1962

attendance 24,069

City Young(28)
West Ham Musgrove(26 & 70), Scott(36), Byrne(39), Peters(42), Hurst(80)

Ref K Stokes

City Trautmann, Betts, Kennedy, Benson, Leivers, Oakes, Barlow, Dobing, Harley, Young, Hayes

West Ham Leslie, Bond, Burkett, Peters, Brown, Moore, Scott, Woosnam, Byrne, Hurst, Musgrove

The fact that Alan Oakes had to replace Bert Trautmann between the sticks may make you think that was the reason for such a large defeat for the Blues, but you would be wrong as City were already losing 5-1 when Alan Oakes became the Blues’ custodian with just 20 minutes left.
City’s defence couldn’t live with West Ham’s passing artistry and although the midfield and strikers fought hard the Hammers went into and unasailable 4-1 lead by half-time.
After the fifth West Ham goal, Trautmann left the field after being sent off for alledgedly kicking the ball at the referee after the goal, and the luckless Oakes was beaten easily by Geoff Hurst ten minutes from time.

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  1. Thanks for this – I have long been telling my 2 boys about this incident as I was at the game being a City fan from Moss Side. I remembered that the game was against West Ham but couldn’t recall the year. They were crazy times at Maine Rd back in the 50s/60s and for many, many years after – but just look at us now !!!

    • Hi do you remember what part of the city ground did bert trautmen get sent off was it the scoreboard end ?
      hope u can answer this lol

      • No, it was the other end. It was my first ever City game, I was in the Kippax near the disabled cars that used to line up there, and Bert Trautman was vertually level with me as he chucked his sweater almost at the referee!

  2. Ditto above….I was there and saw Bert throw his green jersey on the ground and walked off in disgust. My mate Neil Young scored our only goal
    John Woodyard ex Moss Side now living in New Zealand.

  3. I remember the game solely for the incident when Bert took off his green shirt and threw it on the ground in anger at the decision.

  4. Hi John,
    Nice to see a post from another ex Moss Side resident who was there. Off to see the film The Keeper this pm which is all about Berts’ life, as I recall he was quite a regular around the area in his time at City used to call into the barbers we all used in Upper Lloyd St which was run by a German – lovely bloke, but only did one style/type of cut, so whatever you asked for you got “the cut “. Happy days !!!

  5. Yeah – remember this well, Bert drop kicked the ball right in the back of the referee! As a kid I was amazed at the game and his sending off. Seem to think there was a ‘demo’ outside the ground after?

    • My brother and I were there. That fifth goal was clearly offside according to most City fans and Bert which might explain the drop kick and that is why a crowd of us were shouting ‘ kill the ref’ after the game. I wouldn’t call it a demo but I can see how it appeared that way.

      I am a little more calmer in my older age now, but I am proud to have been a supporter when the Blues were not winning most of their games. Hopefully Pep will stick around to beat Sir Alex’s records.

  6. Ditto,

    my memory is that he walked straight to the dfressing room without waiting for the ref to send him off and the whole crowd stood and cheered him.I was 13 and the memory is as clear today as it was then.

  7. I was there that day he kicked the ball straight up the referees arse then stormed off the pitch totally frustrated by the score line!! Really amused me as l was a United fan but often went to Maine Road with a mate who was a big City fan , ‘Happy Days’

  8. My memory is that he didn’t actually deliberately kick the ball at the referee.
    He just picked the ball out of the net and booted it up field in anger and frustration, unfortunately the-ref was in the way. Was only 10 at the time so could be mistaken
    Definitely occurred at the platt lane end .
    Still a season ticket holder and travel to most games from bury st Edmunds

    • My God you certainly are a top fan.Besides being a blue I was an HGV driver and Used to go to the Bury St.Edmunds area quite often which is a fair distance fron Manchester.Fair play to you.

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    • Sorry – disagree again – I was behind the open end goal when Bert lost it. I agree that it was probably a drop-kick out of frustration that was unlucky enough to hit the ref.

  9. My God you certainly are a top fan.Besides being a blue I was an HGV driver and Used to go to the Bury St.Edmunds area quite often which is a fair distance fron Manchester.Fair play to you.

    • Agreed. Thought my memory was a fault when so many said the scoreboard end. We were usually at that (scoreboard) end but for once at the other. Bert head down, not looking (or being very cunning) as he drop-kicked the ball into the ref’s back. Instantly whipped round and sent him off. At least that’s my memory. No attempt to explain that it was an accident.

  10. My memory (which now might be fuzzy) was that Bert chased after the ref who was on the way back to the centre circle and booted the ball (deliberately) at him which hit him with some force in his lower back. The ref went down like a sack of spuds. Very funny to watch.

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