Manchester City v West Ham 1959/60


League Division 1

30th March 1960

attendance 29,572

City Barlow, Law, McAdams
West Ham ???

City Trautmann, Leivers, Branagan, Barnes, McTavish, Oakes, Barlow, Law, McAdams, Hayes, ColbridgeWest Ham Rhodes, Kirkup, Bond, Malcolm, Brown, Hurst, Grice, Woosnam, Dunmore, Brett, Musgrove
…In the first half City were unbelievably bad. In fact the only time they had the ball was when West Ham conceded a free kick. West Ham on the other hand were in great form and were unlucky not to have scored more than once. In the eighth minute, Trautmann made a wonderful save from Musgrove, but in the ninth he could not hold a shot from Dunmore, and Musgrove scored easily from the rebound.
Then followed an incident which was talked about for weeks. City were awarded a penalty for a foul on Law. Barnes placed the ball and ran as if to take the kick, but veered to one side. McAdams, following up, drove the ball past an astonished Rhodes. The referee (Jack Taylor of Wolverhampton) awarded a goal, and then at the insistence rather than the request of the West Ham players he consulted a linesman and reversed his decision. Barnes, of course, had not rolled the ball “its full circumference” or maybe he thought that Rhodes had moved and he himself had veered away expecting the referee to order the kick to be taken again.
The referee in fact did just that, and this time Rhodes saved Barnes’s tame shot. Not that it mattered. After twelve minutes of the second half City were ahead 3-1 with fine goals from Law, Barlow, and McAdams. West Ham were given no chance to recover.
This incidentally was Denis Law’s first appearance at home with City. He took some hard knocks, but as I commented after the game “his speed off the mark and his shrewd passes stamped him as a player of tremendous potential”. It’s nice to know that you’re not wrong all the time!
By Eric Todd of The Guardian published in the City v Programme 21st October 1972

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