Southampton v Manchester City 1966/67

 southampton away 1966 to 67 prog


League Division 1

20th August 1966

attendance 19,900

City Summerbee(55)
Southampton Paine(42)

Ref P Bye

City Dowd, Book, Kennedy, Pardoe, Heslop, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Murray, Connor, Young – Sub Doyle

Southampton Forsyth, Webb, Hollywood, White, Knapp, Walker, Paine, Chivers, Davies, Melia, Sydenham – Sub Huxford

Tony Book remembers; My first game was away to Southampton and it gave me my first experience of the wind up merchants that were my new teammates. maine man tony book story
Although we lost 1-0 [TONY IS WRONG HERE, IT WAS A 1-1 DRAW], I’d had a decent enough game and back then the Manchester Evening News used to have an award called ‘Monday’s Man’ which went to the outstanding performer og the weekend’s matches.
Peter Gardner was the reporter for City at the time, and Crossan and Buzzer told me that Gardner had told them I was going to be ‘Monday’s Man’ and that I would get a cheque for £500, the standard payment for the award… or so they said.
I was made up, and spent the journey home thinking about ways to spend it. I needn’t have bothered. It later transpired that I was indeed ‘Monday’s Man’ but the money was nowhere to be seen.
I said to Buzzer at training on the Tuesday “When do I get my £500” and he just laughed and told me they’d been pulling my leg. The lousy beggars!
The only prize was the honour of winning the award! Oh well. I wised up quickly after that.

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