Oldham Athletic v Manchester City friendly 1994/95

oldham and manx 1994 to 95 prog

Isle of Man Tournament


24th July 2004

attendance 3,000 approx


City Coton, Hill, Curle, Vonk, Edghill, Summerbee, Flitcroft, Rocastle, I Brightwell, Rosler, Beagrie, Sheron- used subs Dibble, Quinn, McMahon, Flitcroft, Walsh

richard edghill book

From ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RICHARD EDGHILL By Richard Edghill and Dante Friend … I remember the actual game against Oldham, we lost 3-0 with about 50 Oldham fans and 3,000 City fans in a ramshackle old ground. The City fans were treating it like a stag do in Spain, they were really letting their hair down. People were having their own races round the athletics track while thye game was taking place. They were nicking the corner flags. They were showing what great fans they were, with their self deprecating humour… In those days the chant “We never win at home and we never win away”really meant something.

oldham friendly 1994 to 95 action


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