Manchester City DVDs to buy


 I have 100’s of City DVD’s to buy, they are generally transfers to DVD from deleted vhs tapes plus loads of games.

below are some which are available

1988/89 Season Review


1989/90 Season Review


1990/91 Season Review


1991/92 Season Review


1992/93 Season Review


1993/94 Season Review


1994/95 Season Review


Soccer Legends Lee Bell Summerbee


1998/99 Season Review


Manchester City v QPR 2011/12 #Champions (2 disc set £4)


If you would like to buy any of the above and/or would like a full list of my DvDs available please send an e-mail to or find me on Twitter as Citytilidiecom

All the dvds are ripped onto plain dvd-rs and are sent out in plastic or paper sleeves.

All discs are £2 each with a £2 p&p charge per total order. For orders of 3 or more the p&p is £1 and for orders of 10 or more the p&p is FREE

you can pay by paypal, chq or cash please contact me at and I will send you full details.

12 thoughts on “Manchester City DVDs to buy

  1. Good evening from Greece….congrats for your website,brings me memories since i was a kid,and watching English football throw tv and magazines like “shoot”,and “match”…. :) do you have any dvd with 1984-5 season review?…. if you can ,please upload in a bigger analysis all those pics with MCFC squads,especially of 1984-85,and 1976 season…thank you very much….

  2. Hi thanks for your comment, unfortunately the first season review on video ever produced was 1987/88 called Life With The Blues Home & Away, I should have the full details for 1976 season on the site shortly

  3. Hi, I see the dates here are quite old, but wondering if you have :
    1. City Are Back 1998/99 &
    2. Over The Moon 1999/2000
    on DVD?
    I have the videos but the machine is going to skip.

  4. Hello, Man City v QPR 2011/2012 as above 2disc set is the match in full? I would love the full 94 minutes


  5. Would like to buy 2 copies of the following Manchester City 5-3 Monaco February 21st 2017.
    Would you please let me know the price & how many discs



  6. Did you get my last email regarding City v Monaco at the etihad stadium have had no reply from my last email, please stay in touch
    Alan Johnson

  7. Do you have a copy of the Shalke v Man City which was played 2 weeks ago City won 2-3 if you do I would like 2 copies please

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