Manchester City v Leeds United 1980/81

leeds home 1980 to 81 prog


League Division 1

20th December 1980

attendance 31,866

Scorer Reeves(89)

ref John Lovatt

City Corrigan. Ranson, McDonald, Reid, Booth, Power, Gow, Boyer, Mackenzie, Hutchison, Reeves – sub Henry(29)

Leeds Lukic, Greenhoff, Gray, Flynn, Hart, Cherry, Harris, Hird, Connor, Sabella, Graham – sub Parlane(unused)

leeds home 1980 to 81 action2



Allan Clarke said recently that players were not supposed to enjoy matches, “The enjoyment” he explained -“ comes afterwards when they rejoin their families after contributing to a satisfying performance.”
Clarke has made so many off-putting statements since becoming manager of Leeds United that one wonders if he can have thought them all through. Disturbingly. there was evidence at Maine Road on Saturday that this was one he meant seriously, Leeds were so
negative that in the end thousands of spectators interrupted their celebrations of a heaven-sent late winner by Reeves to boo them from the field.
They had every right. It was a dreadful way for professional entertainers to treat an audience, especially on the last Saturday before Christmas when, as Clarke should be aware. the public have their own duties towards their families. As Paul Power, the Manchester City captain, said afterwards: “Football is trying to attract peopleback at the moment, but performances like that will just put them off.”
John Bond, City’s manager called Leeds “pathetic” and said: “I’m so pleased we stuffed them in the end because that is not the way I like to see the game. played.”
He had good reason. Bond and Clarke both arrived at ailing clubs this season and both have enjoyed early success. But while Bond has encouraged City to attack, serving the general interests of football. Clarke has reverted to Revie style cynicism. Clarke tried to justify the difference by arguing that Bond had inherited a good team, which frankly
makes one doubt if he ever saw City in the days before Gow. Hutchison, and McDonald were recruited.
Clarke also said that unforced. passing back to the goalkeeper, in which Leeds indulged liberally, was “good, disciplined football.” One could go on, but since a large proportion of readers will be having breakfast it might be inadvisable.
In fairness to Leeds their back four, particularly Hart and Cherry, did play extremely well and it was not Graham’s fault that the ploy of using him to neutralise a disappointing Hutchison worked so effectively. But the condemning truth was that they played for a nil nil draw. and Corrigan did not have a shot to save all afternoon. Lukic parried a few, but he had little chance 90 seconds from time when
Henry’s pass enabled McDonald to find Reeves. who shot emphatically home on the turn.
That was something to enjoy.

leeds home 1980 to 81 action

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