Manchester City v Leeds 1967/68

leeds home 1967 to 68 prog


League Division 1

28th October 1967

attendance 39,713

Scorer Bell(85)

Ref E Jennings

City Mulhearn, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Heslop, Oakes, Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Young, Coleman – sub Bowles(unused)

Leeds Sprake, Reaney, Cooper, Madeley, Charlton, Hunter, Greenhoff, Lorimer, Jones, Gray, Johanneson – sub Hibbitt(unused)


leeds home 1967 to 68 bell winning goal



Manchester City, who are in the mood to win some major honour this season, joined the First Division’s upper classes by defeating Leeds United 1-0 at Maine Road
With only five minutes to go, many spectators had left for home convinced like most of those who stayed,that City would never beat that chap, meaning Sprake. Then Summerbee made a determined run down the righ and from his centre Bell headed the hall out of Sprake’s reach. Cooper hooked it away brilliantIy, but the referee confirmed a linesman’s ruling that the ball already had crossed the goalline.
Leeds, and Sprake in particular, were entitled to some sympathy. They were far more methodical in approach, far more accurate with their passing than were City, but they had no finishing power. Jones created no impression, he contrived only two modest headers, although on the evidence of this game he will have to wait a long time for his first League goal for leads unless he receives better support.
I had. the lmpression that Leeds, like so many clubs who also take part in the European field of football operations, subscribed to the view that a draw away was as much as was necessary in pursuit of any title provided that it was allied to consistent success at home. In other words. defend in the first instance. attack in the second. At no time did Leeds give the impression that they were bent on victory. They opted for defence and, thanks to Sprake, and Charlton, they made a good job of it until that last fatal hesitation.
leeds home 1967 to 68 action2

Ever since I first made close acquaintance with them 20 years ago, Clty have alternated between brilliance and mediocrity. At times it appeared that they had never even heard of consistency let alone tried to practice it
This season they have shown themselves to be stow starters. but happily the signs are there that they are also getting the message so to say.
Summerbee unquestionably is among the best centre forwards in the country, and the arrival of Lee will enliven the attack. With a really effective striker the Clty forwards could be formidable indeed.

leeds home 1967 to 68 action3

City also could do with a half back of the calibre of Roy Paul. But where to find one? Otherwise there is not much amiss with their defence. Pardoe soon must play for one of England’s sides. and Heslop, in his quiet way, is exercising a splendidly efficient influence on his men.
Just once on Saturday, when he thumped the ball under the roof of the stand, did Heslop remind us briefly of Ewing. But as the weeks go by City are producing more and more evidence o their ability and of their intention to emulate the exploits or their illustrious predecessors of the mid1950s. And if Heslop, for one, plays his part as did “big Dave” in those days, City will not be disappointed.

leeds home 1967 to 68 action4

leeds home 1967 to 68 action

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