Manchester City v Leeds 1963/64

leeds home 1963 to 64 prog


League Division 2

7th September 1963

attendance 29,186

Young, Hannah, Kevan
Leeds Johanneson, Lawson

Ref D Howell

City Dowd, Betts, Gomersall, Chadwick, Cheetham, Oakes, Young, Hannah, Aimson, Kevan, Wagstaffe

Leeds Sprake, Reaney, Bell, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Giles, Weston, Storrie, Lawson, Johanneson

One thought on “Manchester City v Leeds 1963/64

  1. First City match I went to,aged 10,with my mates, all the same age, except Ric who was a neighbor and the ripe old age of 14, rather than with my Dad. Stood leaning on the wall in the scoreboard end. The main thing I remember is a very young Jack Charlton banging heads with a City player,cant remember who, and his nose getting smashed all over his face and coming and leaning on the wall next to where we were and getting the magic sponge.

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