Leeds v Manchester City FA Cup 6th Round 1966/67

leeds away 1966 to 67 FA Cup prog


FA Cup 6th Round

8th April 1967

Attendance 48,887

Scorer Charlton(50)

City Dowd, Book, Pardoe, Horne, Heslop, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Connor, Crossan, Brand

leeds fa cup 1966 to 67 action

 Joe Mercer looked back on the 6th Round as a turning point.
“We were drawn away to Leeds United, ruthless robot-like Leeds they were then.football with a smile
…the ehtire football world expected us to play it tight. But they reckoned wrong. They overlooked the moral courage, the gambling streak, the spirit of adventure that was always just below the surface of the Mercer-Allison partnership.
We did exactly the opposite to what was expected, we attacked them!
We threw everything in, we decided in just a few words ‘What the hell have we got to lose?
City were brilliant that day. We gave Leeds a lesson and with the most outrageous bad luck lost by a solitary goal that should have been disallowed. We had been so much on top the result was unbelievable. Still, we had found ourselves we were on our way.
We started to stretch defences. Fear was scoffed at!”
City took the game to Leeds. The team had previously been rooted in a defensive style of play, broke forward and played exciting attacking football.
Leeds were not used to teams going to Elland Road and attacking them.
The only goal came in the 50th minute, following Leeds’ first corner of the game. When eddie Gray floated the ball towards the goal, Jack Charlton appeared to impede City ‘keeper Harry Dowd, Charlton headed in and City complained unsuccessfully.

 leeds fa cup 1966 to 67 action2




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