Ipswich Town v Manchester City 1969/70

ipswich away 1969 to 70 prog large


League Division 1

1st November 1969

attendance 24,124

Ipswich McNeil(54)

Ref Jack Taylor

City  Corrigan, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Young, Bowyer – used sub Jeffries

ipswich away 1969 to 70 action



The fault with Manchester City on Saturday lay not so much in their lack of command as their reluctance to assume it. And the readiness of both Clty and Ipswich to accept a point as fair reward for the afternoon’s labours left one with the feeling that,, to some extent, the combination of a flawless pitch and a perfect day had been wasted.
With Everton threatening to make sure of the championship by February at latest the stragglers must surely set their ambitions somewhat higher than the usual “two points at home and a point on the road.” Manchester City have lost only one match in their last 19, a run which in a normal season would see them well up among the leaders. The Fact that they are already 11 points behind and would do well to halve that difference by Christmas emphasises the formidable grip that Everton have taken on the First Division.
The danger is that their over-riding supremacy will have a progressively deadening effect on League matches, that possible rivals will direct their energies to alternative pursuits rather than expend themselves on a fruitless chase in the First Division. Even on Saturday, and in spite of Malcolm Allison’s prediction that Everton will come unstuck in the mud. one had the suspicion that City were already more concerned about their various cup commitments than making a serious challenge in the League.
Here, surely, was game which was theirs for the taking. For 20 minutes, on a pitch which appeared to possess the smoothness and texture of a well-preserved snooker table. Ipswich could only look on
Having had a goal from Brogan disallowed in the first half Ipswich redoubled their efforts at the start of the second. Corrigan did well to tip another header from Hill on to and over the bar, but then made a dreadful fist of a 40-yard free kick from McNeil, allowing the ball to drop over his head into the net.
Manchester City equalised easily enough after 67 minutes, Summerbee lobbing a centre from Oakes back into the goalmouth tor Lee to head past Best, though Pardoe nearly gave Ipswich a further goal.

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