Hertha v Manchester City Friendly 1971/72



3rd August 1971

Attendance 25,000

Scorer Steffenhagen

City Corrigan, Connor, Donachie, Doyle, Booth, Towers, Summerbee, Jeffries, Davies, Lee, Young – used subs Hill, Mellor

Hertha Gross, Ferschl, Witt, Hermandung, Enders, Gergely, Varga, Beer, Sperlich, Horr, Steffenhagen

hertha away friendly 1971 to 72 action

Chairman AV Alexander writing in the City programme 21st September 1971
That night we played in the magnificent Olympic Stadium where so many athletes from all over the world have competed, and as we all know we lost by the only goal scored in the last few minutes. On that occasion the stadium which has 110,000 seats looked quite empty although we were told the attendance was in the region of 35,000 and this, I feel, caused a lack of atmosphere which is so essential to a game of football. Nevertheless, the game was played in a good sporting spirit and l hope it will be the same tonight but of course with a different result.

Gerry Harrison quoting Joe Mercer in the City programme 21st September 1971
“They are a good side”. says manager Joe Mercer. “When we played them in Berlin, right in the city itself of course, it was very hot and turned out to be an excellent contest which did us a lot of good.
“lt was in the Olympic stadium which is quite something. This was where Jesse Owens picked up his four gold medals in the pre-war Olympics. They have a tartan track round the outside now and everything was in very good



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