Daily Express National Five A Side 1970/71

The recent Daily Express Five-a—Side contest in London gave the club the opportunity of showing what talent there is beneath the first team surface.
The squad, led by Johnny Hart, was made up of Ronnie Healey, Paul Smith, Ray Hatton, Jeffrey Johnson, Steve Carter, Gary Clarke and Gibbons. lt looked from the start as if `spectators and opponents alike might have under- estimated City’s team.
City were holders of the trophy of course but because this year’s competition clashed with the Honved return leg the better known players were not in the line up.
As they went on to the boards for the first game City were booed. Was it because they were champions or because they appeared understrength? That reception was soon changed, when they beat Swindon who were “resting” Don Rodgers for the later rounds.
Steve Carter scored two goals but missed a penalty when it came to the deciders after a 2-2 draw. Ronnie Healey did what is known in the trade as an Andy Rankin and City went through.
Spurs were heavy with big names, Chivers, England, Knowles and company. They weren’t shortof physical power either and although City, in these restricted conditions, certainly matched them for skill, strength won the day for the London side by 2-l.
A disappointment for City to go out so narrowly. But if it was any consolation they left the pitch to cheers all the way from the crowd of eight and a half thousand . . . and Spurs were booed off.


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