Manchester City v Chelsea 1993/94

chelsea home 1993 to 94 prog


FA Carling Premiership

30th April 1994

Attendance 33,594

Walsh(37), Rosler(22)
Chelsea Fleck(15), Cascarino(19)

City Dibble, Hill, Edghill, Vonk, D.Brightwell, l.Brightwe||, McMahon, Rocastle, Walsh, Rosler, Beagrie – Subs Flitcroft(unused), Lomas(unused), Coton(unused)

Chelsea Kharine, Clarke, Donaghy, Kjeldbjerg, Johnsen, Burley, Spackman, Fleck, Cascarino, Peacock, Wise – Subs Hopkins(87), Barnard(unused), Hitchcock(unused)

When City faced Chelsea on the last day of the 1993-4 season the game marked the end of Maine Road’s famous Kippax terracing. It was a highly emotional day, memorable for events connected with the stadium rather than the match itself.
Gary James, author of “FareweIl To Maine Road” (the official history of the stadium due out August 2003), remembers the events well: “Co-incidentally myself and a supporter called Mike Donaldson sent the club our views of how to commemorate the end of the stand. As a result we were both called in to help organise the Kippax Last Stand. I remember Mike suggesting the name.
“For several weeks we attended meetings in the old Boardroom with club officials, directors, safety officers etc. to discuss what could be done and in one bizarre moment I remember having to sing several Kippax chants to the entire room. We’d decided to print chants from the 50s to the modern day in the programme and to ensure the club were happy they needed to hear the songs. It must have been a fairly surreal meeting as the club’s most senior officials listened to me singing “Remember when City scored ten”; “Number One was Colin Bell…”; and the song that begins “We’ve got an l/I an A an N, and a C an ITY” which uses the Laughing Policeman tune.
“As a result of my rather poor efforts Vince Miller, who supporters will remember as the man in the white suit who used to introduce the teams, told me I was to appear on the pitch with him to help him sing these same songs. Clearly, I should have said ‘No’, but as this meant l would be on the pitch l heard myself saying ‘Yes’.
“On the day itself lots of fans helped the Kippax Last Stand succeed. Mike Donaldson put a huge amount of time and effort into the organisation and many fans handed out balloons, confetti, sweets (fanzine King of the Kippax produced special sweets marking the end of the stand), and other party material on the day.
“On the pitch a steel band had been brought in and Vince, in his trademark white suit, tried to entertain the crowd. He called me on, and I stood with him as he attempted to sing some of City’s greatest chants. At one point he turned to me and asked: “Which one do you want to sing?” “I froze. Fortunately we then noticed a group of Chelsea supporters dressed as Blues Brothers walking in front of the Kippax fence. They laid a wreath at the front of the Kippax. lt was a fitting gesture and much appreciated by all, especially me as it distracted Vince enough to move on to his next song and leave me in peace!”

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