Chelsea v Manchester City 1971/72

 chelsea away 1971-72 prog


League Division 1

21st August 1971

Attendance 38,425

City Lee( pen 48, 51)
Chelsea Baldwin, Weller

Ref E Wallace

City Corrigan, Book, Connor, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Young, Heslop, Davies, Lee, Mellor – used sub Donachie

chelsea away 1971 to 72 lee pen goal.
Peter Gardner writing in THE MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS 23rd August 1971
Francis Lee took over where Peter Osgood left off to provide a fascinating climax to a game Manchester City swear blind they won hands down.
The Blues have a knack of launching game saving epics at Stamford Bridge, remember their grand slam in the fourth round of the FA Cup last season.
They cut loose against Chelsea in similar fashion on Saturday with Lee slamming in two goals to wipe out the lead the Osgood-inspired Londoners had gained in a disastrous first half for City.
And when Wyn Davies soared to head in what appeared a perfectly legitimate third the comeback was complete, the points would have been City’s.
“Even the referee claimed it was a good goal” said manager Joe Mercer, who also asked: “How could Wyn be offside when he raced past a defender to head in.”
chelsea away 1971 to 72 action 9
Still Mercer was more than satisfied at the fighting recovery his side had made after an agonising first 45 minutes when £250,000 rated Osgood contrived to give George Heslop a chasing. Heslop and City tightened up after the break, and that’s when the dynamic Lee took over.
Lee had been City’s only offensive forward earlier, but his drive and aggression inspired those around him and Ian Mellor and Neil Young began posing many more threatening problems to the now harassed Chelsea.
With the courageous Davies, his head swathed in bandages, chasing everything that came his way, City commanded a game they had been so near to losing.
chelsea away 1971 to 72 action 10
In midfield too, the Blues found their feet with Mike Doyle having a fine match alongside Alan Oakes.
Lee followed up his 48th minute penalty, awarded after a trip by David Webb with an equaliser three minutes later. But Chelsea will claim Mellor handled controlling the ball he then gave to Lee, a point that wiped out City’s later protests at having the Davies header disallowed.
chelsea away 1971 to 72 action 8
chelsea away 1971 to 72 davies head injury
chelsea away 1971 to 72 action 7

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