Chelsea v Manchester City 1968/69

chelsea away 1968 to 69 prog


League Division 1

2nd November 1968

Attendance 40,700

Scorers ???

Ref R Spittle

City Dowd, Kennedy, Pardoe, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Owen, Coleman – Sub Young

chelsea away 1968 to 69 action

2 thoughts on “Chelsea v Manchester City 1968/69

  1. Tommy Baldwin and Peter Osgood scored for Chelsea. John Boyle was sent off following a scuffle with Tony Coleman and I think Coleman went off too.

    I seem to remember that the match was shown on BBC 2 in an experimental colour programme, which would make it the first ever MOTD in colour, but I can find no evidence for this. I went to my grandad’s after the match but couldn’t watch the highlights and I think it was because, like most people, he couldn’t get BB2.

    Quite a few bangers went off down the Shed prompting a chant of ‘(h)ooli-(h)ooligan, ‘ooli, oolli, ooligan’

    Mary Hopkin’s ‘Those were the days’ was in its last week at number one.

  2. Oh, and the Chelsea team was 1 Peter Bonetti, 2 John Boyle, 3 Eddie McCreadie, 4 Peter Osgood (12 Marvin Hinton 60), 5 David Webb, 6 Ron Harris, 7 Charlie Cooke, 8 Bobby Tambling, 9 Tommy Baldwin, 10 Alan Birchenall, 11 Peter Houseman

    Ref Rex V Spittle

    Attendance 40,700

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