One thought on “Caernarfon Select v Manchester City friendly 1969/70

  1. Went to this game played at the Oval, famous name but essentially an average non league ground a bit like Hyde United’s. Decent turn out of City fans. City paraded the FA Cup won against Leicester City at the end of the 68/69 season before the game. The programme listed Caernarvon team to include Gordon Banks, Cliff Sear, Glyn James (Blackpool and Wales),Chris Nichol (Halifax soon to sign for Aston Villa) Ian Moir (ex United), Freddie Hill (Bolton, future City) and Roy Vernon (ex Everton, Stoke). I can’t remember the score, I think we won it 1-0 in a very poor typical pre season run out. High light was definately the Cup being paraded.

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