Burnley v Manchester City 2001/02

BURNLEY away 2001 to 02 wanchope goala


Nationwide League Division 1

27th August 2001

Attendance 19,602

City Wanchope(50), Goater(17, 62 & 86)
Burnley Davis(25), Briscoe(52)

City Weaver, Dunne, Pearce, Howey, Edghill, Grant, Horlock, Tiatto, Granville, Goater, Wanchope – subs Dickov(unused), Colosimo(unused), Huckerby(unused), Murphy(unused), Wiekens(unused)

Burnley Michopoulos, West, Davis, Cox, Armstrong, Little, Cook, Ball, Briscoe, Taylor, I Moore – sub Gnohere(37), Weller(72), Payton(80), Ellis(unused), Cennamo(unused)

BURNLEY away 2001 to 02 teamsa













What The Press Said

But Deadeye Goater Proves He Knows Quickest Path To Scoring

LIKE many fathers, I am constantly left dumbfounded by the capacity of fledglings to conquer the most technical of problems yet to flounder hopelessly when asked to perform a simple task.
For instance, request the majority of 11-year-old boys to programme a mobile phone so that you can text message in Latvian and it will likely as not be done within five minutes flat.
Badger the same youngster to complete an elementary multiplication sum – without the use of a calculator and there usually follows a lot of puffing out of cheeks, head scratching and a stream of excuses as to why an answer isn’t forthcoming and will not be in the foreseeable future.

BURNLEY away 2001 to 02 action2aManaging and supporting Manchester City often resembles communicating with a tribe of such angst-inducing creatures but the fact remains you still love them.
This thrilling roller-coaster ride in East Lancashire proved just why.
If there is an option to thread the ball 40 yards over several opponents’ heads and through seven sets of legs with back to the target or a simple 10-yard pass sideways, guess which one the City player will inevitably choose?
Yes, you’ve guessed correctly
Turf Moor, a ground crackling with tension long before the foreign 6.15pm kick-off, courtesy of the demands of digital television, was the latest proving ground for Kevin Keegan’s attacking blueprint.
Would City’s artisans carry too much skill for the well-drilled and efficient journeymen put together at much cheaper cost by Claret’sBURNLEY away 2001 to 02 action3a

chief Stan Ternent and his partner in crime – onetime City number two Sam Ellis?
The answer would be in the affirmative – but only after much biting of nails, and removing hearts from mouths in the true-blue Manchester City tradition.
For 10 minutes Burnley’s maximum men – nine points from a possible nine – were simply not in the game.
Such was their lack of success that former City man Gareth Taylor was booked for a foul on Richard Edghill, a lunge born more out of frustration at not being able to get hold of the ball than any real malice
Still, Taylor probably wishes he had not roused the amiable Edghill who, playing his first match since January 13, was simply outstanding in the right wing back role.
He looked and played in more relaxed manner than he had for years and it showed as early as the 17th minute when his magnificent centre from the touchline picked out Shaun Goater who did the pass full justice with a flick of the head.
Bruised and battered, Burnley could probably not believe their luck in the 26th minute when they pulled level after Steve Davis had potted a far post header.
Suddenly there was a game on and it came as a great relief to the visitors when Tony Grant’s sizzling 25-yarder was ushered over the bar by the arm of Gordon Armstrong and the Blues were doubly rewarded with a penalty and the sending-off of the Burnley defender.BURNLEY away 2001 to 02 goater 1st goalaThough Kevin Horlock’s tamely struck spot kick was easily saved by Nik Michopoulos it was surely only a matter of time before City made their extra man count.
So it proved as Keegan’s side retook the lead in the 49th minute, courtesy of a real classic.
Richard Dunne stormed upfield before releasing the rejuvenated Edghill with a back-heel of sumptuous deftness.
That was all the encouragement the wing back needed and, when he picked out Wanchope, the Costa Rican guided a header into the bottom corner for the second goal.
The Clarets were level again within two minutes as some comic defending allowed Little, Taylor and finally Lee Briscoe t.o make inroads into the pen.i?tv area.
y The ten men were doing what ten men always do, making it hard for the other side, though they were finally subdued in the 61st minute when Goater swept in Tiatto’s nodded cross with the aid of a deflection.
And five minutes from time, with City rampant, the Bermudian collected Wanchope’s pass and cleverly rounded the keeper for number three of the night and six of the season – no wonder Wolves spent the summer trying to buy him.




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