Bert Trautmann Testimonial 1963/64

bert trautmann testimonial


Bert Trautmann Testimonial

15th April 1964

Attendance 47,951

bert trautmann testimonial 1963 to 64 law

Bert Trautmann’s testimonial match attracted one of the largest attendances assembled for such a game. The official attendance was a doctored 47,951. The more realistic figure of 60,000 was revealed in later years.Trautmannbook
The build up and publicity for the match was incredible, the sportswriters pulled every possible cliche out of the hat in praise of his career and Trautmann was the subject of countless interviews in England and Germany.

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 A truly magnificent collection of football talent lined up at 7-30pm that Wednesday evening. In the Manchester XI were Trautmann, Law, Charlton and Kevan, in opposition the team included Matthews, Finney and Armfield.
The atmosphere of the game was charged with emotion, and the noise from the crowd when Trautmann led out the two teams was ear shattering, he could feel the pin pricks at the back of his eyes as the wall of noise welcomed him on to the field.

bert trautmann testimonial 1963 to 64 law tratmann

In a match of no consequence other than to honour one man, the players exhibited all their tricks and skills to entertain the spectators, but as the end of the game approached, with the Manchester team leading 5-4, the intense sentiment of the crowd started to interrupt the game. It started with a few small boys running on to the pitch to hug Trautmann, they were followed by larger boys and finally a torrent of humanity flowed from the terraces to engulf the man of the moment. The Manchester police cleared a path to the safety of the Main Stand where Trautmann, choking back tears, said farewell.

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8 thoughts on “Bert Trautmann Testimonial 1963/64

  1. Never forget that night as a 12 yr old boy sat with my dad in the main stand. At the end they brought on a large spotlight onto the pitch to guide the way for Bert to leave the pitch. I can remember Noel Cantwell being given the run around my Stanley Matthews. What a game What a night What a player and person. Mr Manchester City. My boyhood hero. Never to be forgotten

  2. I went to Berts testimonial that night I remember walking to maine rd from bradford in beswick and home again because I only had enough money to get in the ground, but it was well worth it, he was a fantastic keeper and great servant for city.

  3. Hi from Durban South Africa…I was at the game. Walked from Salford with my mate Robert Thornton. Both about 13. Had to be pulled out of the crowd onto the pitch behind Berts goal because somebody dropped cuppa down my mates neck. Hot hot tea..CTID John Dockney

  4. I was 10 years old, went with my mate Willie (a red). What I remember most is grown men swinging on the cross bar at the scoreboard end at the end of the game until it snapped. I’ve still got the original programme from the night.

  5. Have just read the news of the new film about Bert’s life. I was at the match as a 13 year old with my brother and a group of mates from our road in Wythenshawe. Most of us are lifelong Reds but this was a huge event with some of the great players of the post war era and was not to missed! We were behind Bert’s goal in the second half and, as youngsters often went to the front of standing adults, we saw all the action . At the end we ran on the pitch and I pulled out one of the metal pegs holding his goal net down and took it home as a souvenir but no idea where it is now!.
    His is a great story and well worth telling in film, a story about a great man in a great city where football and character mattered more than prejudice.
    Can’t wait to see the film!!

  6. Went to the match with my dad when I was 8 and hearing about the film has brought it all flooding back (and brought tears to my eyes). Can’t wait to see it. Jeremy

  7. I was at the match and my most vivid memory(apart from tears) was Maurice Setters scoring an own goal and saying afterwards he had always wanted to put one past Bert

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